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Testimonial for Vitamin C series, great Vitamin C cleanser, serum toner and moisturizer

Vitamin C Range

I used to have acne problem due to my irregular sleeping “habits”. After using the Vitamin C range of products, my skin condition improves as the vitamin C in the products reduces the redness and eventually the acnes on my face. The product is made up of organic ingredients and has only a tinge of fragrance in it. It is also listed under the Leaping Bunny Programme that supports cruelty - free testings.

Billy, Uni Student

Vitamin C  face wash: 

"I liked the slight but great refreshing orange fragrance after every wash. It cleanses my skin thoroughly and also works as a moisturizer as it does not dry the skin after its usage and also makes my skin extremely soft. A little goes a long way with this face wash as it does not work up too much lather.  My breakouts have decreased pretty obviously and it also works as a great makeup remover. Does not irritate my eyes at all. However, I would have preferred if it had SPF as well. 

Vitamin C Serum Toner

It works well for my combination acne prone skin and It's very gentle for sensitive skin as well. Also the smell of the toner is lovely! It smells like roses with a hint of sweetness. And my skin is comfortable enough to not use moisturizer when I'm indoors. The only downside is that my skin is left slightly sticky on humid days. 

Vitamin C Moist

At first when I applied it, I was quite impressed with the way it turned out on my face as it gave a certain brightness instantly and also gave moisturizing effect without turning greasy on my skin later. Its consistency is gentle for everyday use as well. I also thought it worked well as a good Base before make up."

Vaahani, Student

Vitamin C Moist

As I work in advertising and have handled many beauty brands and multi-brand retailers over the years, I’ve received countless samples and always used them pretty much indiscriminately as frankly, I haven’t found much difference between them. I have just enough insider’s knowledge, too, to know that the main point of difference is the amount of the expensive active ingredients they contain. But then I discovered EverythingAboutJoy’s Vitamin C range of skincare. If you look on the label, the makers have not skimped on the important ingredients. In particular, I am addicted to the lotion. It’s light but not too watery, and smells divine. It’s also instantly absorbed on application, and gives me a multi-sensory pick-me-up feeling every morning after I apply it. Even after long, late nights, my skin feels firmer and smoother. If you look on the label, the makers have not skimped on the important ingredients. I was once brand-promiscuous – now I am brand-loyal. I now want Bellenique Vitamin C lotion in my life!


Suzanne Lauridsen, 60+, Director, Freelance Writer and Editor

Bellenique Sunscreen SPF 50

I have been using Bellenique Suncare product for many, many years. Their Sunscreen SPF 50 soothes, hydrates and brightens. As it is also water resistance, it can be use for spots as well.

Overall Bellenique Suncare is the BEST


Bellenique Sunscreen SPF 50

Review after trying for a week

Texture light and not sticky. Like the feel.

Soh Hwa, office staff
Jessie, Insurance Agent

Bellenique Mint Detox

This is a MUST HAVE if you have oily scalp like I do!

I love the tingling sensation after I wash my hair and my hair smells so fresh.

I notice lesser hair loss and my scalp is less oily.

Karen, Trainer

Vitamin C Polish

I love this product. I have been using it for 1 over month already. I notice that my face is less oily, my pore looks more refine too. Black head on my nose is less too. Super happy with this product.

Karen Yee, Makeup artist

Bellenique Mint Detox Shampoo

I have being using this wonderful shampoo for more then a year.

I use to wash my hair daily as it gets oily and uncomfortable. If I miss washing a day, I experience excessive hair loss during the next hair wash.

After I start to use Bellenique hair detox, over a period of time, I notice that my hair is less oily, hair fall also lessen.

I start to wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week and find that my hair is no longer very dry.

This is why I like this mint shampoo. I enjoy the cooling feel of mint during shampooing, especially in humid weather.

It helps to clear my hair of oil and dirt and keeps my hair light and airy.

Linda, Bank staff

Bellenique Suncreen SPF 50

Has nice fragrance and does not feel sticky after apply

Geok Susan, Realtor

Chill Pill Essential Oil Roller

This is one of my favourite product. I have sleep issue and this helps me to relax before I fall asleep.

This blend of EO is very soothing and I like the smell alot. Thank you

Ms Yee, Teacher

Chill Pill Essential Oil
A pleasantly sweet blend with floral and fruity notes hat linger lightly reasonably long after application. The base oil feels easily absorbed and nourishes the skin well. The bottle is well-designed and made with good materials. The roller applicator dispenses the oil smoothly and leaves little mess.

Tea Tree Oil
This tea tree oil is highly distinguished in quality from other brands I have used. It exudes a crisp, fresh, invigorating aroma, and delivers the highly acclaimed antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory benefits much more effectively than the same product of the other brands. The oil is yet gentle, and can be comfortably applied directly to the skin.

Wen Hui, housewife

Clarifying Masque

I really like this masque. It is good for oily skin like mine. Helps to control my oily, acne prone skin.

I use a tiny dot to dot on my acne and leave it overnight. It drys up and pop out. Very good for pimple skin.

Bryan Goh, Uni Student

Bellenique Hydrating Face Serum

Bellenique Hydrating Face Serum absorbs fast and help to boost my skin texture. I notice my skin is more radiance after I start using this serum

Bellenique Super Hydro-Moist

This fast absorbing moisturizer provides the hydration needed by my dry skin. It helps to pump my skin and make it look more moist and radiant

Linda, Business Owner

For your sunscreen, I found the texture more soluble and creamier maybe of the moisturiser added inside, unlike some which is slightly more thicker in texture.
The initial feeling after application if as a sunscreen was the greasy feeling. But if u use it as a moisturiser, the feeling is normal, after awhile when the moisturiser penetrate into the skin the feeling is good with no traces of those greasy feeling

Unlike some, after application, your face would looks very pale, like a corpse. This one if apply in moderate, still looks fine.
I would say so far the best one I used.

Mr Wong, Contractor

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