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Bellenique Face Hydrating Moist with Globularia Cordifolia Callus Stemcell Hydrates and Calms Reduces wrinkles Enhances skin glow 50ml Made in USA

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Bellenique Face Hydrating Moist is a lightweight gel-cream that  help your skin stay moisturized, protected and oh-so-wonderfully hydrated with a dewy glow and soft texture.

MSM, a powerfully effective natural sulfur is added to  keep your connective tissues, hair, nails and skin strong and smooth. It assists the skin rebuilding itself and healing from trauma, often to the tune of scar-free! 

Organic aloe further compliments the hyaluronic acid as a skin hydration boosting ingredient, along with GLOBULARIA CORDIFOLIA CALLUS CULTURE EXTRACT, a plant stem cells help boost collagen production and green tea extract to provide a daily dose of anti aging antioxidants. 

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