I used to have acne problem due to my irregular sleeping timings.

After I used Vitamin C Range it helped me by improving my skin condition, This set of product also provides vitamin C, it help me started to reduce the redness on my face and slowly the acnes are reduced.

I like the product as it was organic and only has a tinge of fragrance in it. I would support the product as it is also listed under leaping bunny program, a program that supports cruelty-free "

- Billy


Vitamin C  face wash: 

"I liked the slight but great refreshing orange fragrance after every wash. It cleanses my skin thoroughly and also works as a moisturizer as it does not dry the skin after its usage and also makes my skin extremely soft. A little goes a long way with this face wash as it does not work up too much lather.  My breakouts have decreased pretty obviously and it also works as a great makeup remover. Does not irritate my eyes at all. However, I would have preferred if it had SPF as well. 


It works well for my combination acne prone skin and It's very gentle for sensitive skin as well. Also the smell of the toner is lovely! It smells like roses with a hint of sweetness. And my skin is comfortable enough to not use moisturizer when I'm indoors. The only downside is that my skin is left slightly sticky on humid days. 


At first when I applied it, I was quite impressed with the way it turned out on my face as it gave a certain brightness instantly and also gave moisturizing effect without turning greasy on my skin later. Its consistency is gentle for everyday use as well. I also thought it worked well as a good Base before make up."



I use to suffer from acne due to my work ethic. I’m a singer songwriter/producer and my work schedule is often done at night.  It can drag to as late as 4-5am so my body tends to be very tired and shag especially on the look my face. 

Since I started using Bellenique Soothing Moist, things have change dramatically. No more acne problem and no more dried skin. Usually when I use normal cleanser, toner and moisturizer, my face tend to have this red spot like a mosquito bite and it will take quite some time for it to disappear. That annoys me to the max. With Vitamin C Cleanser, no more face itch after facial wash and definitely bring me lesser worries towards acne.  Ps acne is the biggest nightmare for any performer." 

-Wawan Husen

Eyebrow Palette

This sounds ridiculous, but being fair, eyebrows are the bane of my life. My face looks ’naked’ without brows, and I had yet to find the right solution for colouring and shaping my messy blonde ‘hedges’. Until I discovered EverythingAboutJoy’s great little eyebrow kit, that is. I used to use pencils, which tend to look very fake, as if they’ve been drawn on with one hard line, and all the powders I’d tried tended to smudge. But EverythingAboutJoy’s cute little kit is a stayer. There’s even a little tablet of wax you can use to keep every hair in place. The brush, too, is exceptional – firm but not scratchy, and angled just so. I love it!

Vitamin C Lotion

As I work in advertising and have handled many beauty brands and multi-brand retailers over the years, I’ve received countless samples and always used them pretty much indiscriminately as frankly, I haven’t found much difference between them. I have just enough insider’s knowledge, too, to know that the main point of difference is the amount of the expensive active ingredients they contain. But then I discovered EverythingAboutJoy’s Vitamin C range of skincare. If you look on the label, the makers have not skimped on the important ingredients. In particular, I am addicted to the lotion. It’s light but not too watery, and smells divine. It’s also instantly absorbed on application, and gives me a multi-sensory pick-me-up feeling every morning after I apply it. Even after long, late nights, my skin feels firmer and smoother. If you look on the label, the makers have not skimped on the important ingredients. I was once brand-promiscuous – now I am brand-loyal. I now want Bellenique Vitamin C lotion in my life!


-Suzanne Lauridsen, 60+, Director, SPEcial Pte Ltd, Freelance Writer and Editor 




Vitamin C Set



SunScreen SPF 50






JAS Essential

JAS Essential

Collagen Set

Shampoo and Conditioner with Swiss Apple Stem Cell

Hair Growth Shampoo with Swiss Apple Stem Cell




Mint Detox Shampoo

Mint Detox Shampoo

Mint Detox Shampoo Made in USA


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